Industrial Manufacturing

Question 1

About how much of the sun’s radiation would strike the Earth if the Earth did not have its atmosphere?

a.about 10 times more

b.about twice as much would be about the same

d.about half as much

Question 2

With all of the sun’s energy striking the Earth every second of every day, why doesn’t the Earth overheat and kill us all?

a.The Earth is so large and dense that it absorbs all of this heat.

b.The Earth is overheating regionally, melting rocks into the lava of volcanoes.

c.The Earth maintains a balance by radiating this heat back into space.

d.The atmosphere of the Earth prevents the solar radiation from reaching the Earth’s surface.

Question 3                        

New buildings that receive the energy star rating are recognized for:

a.using solar or geothermal for at least 30% of the building’s energy needs.

b.using solar power for at least 50% of the building’s energy needs.

c.using wind power for at least 20% of the building’s energy needs.

d.using 40% less energy than other buildings in their class.

Question 4

Photovoltaic cells are commonly used to power:



c.lawn mowers.

d.industrial manufacturing.

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