Industrial Equipment

The purpose of this activity is to identify the organization that you will focus on throughout this course for your final project and to begin analyzing how their supply chain currently functions.
First, select one of the following organizations to focus on for your final project:

  • Caterpillar (CAT)
  • Walmart (WMT)
  • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT)

Next, provide the following information about your organization:

  • An overview of the product or service the organization provides; since these organizations may offer a variety of products or services, narrow it down by selecting a high-level product line (e.g., food products, industrial equipment, electronics, communications, etc.)
  • A description of the organization’s goals for their supply chain management
  • A brief overview of their current distribution channels (i.e., the channels through which goods or services get to the customer); include virtual supply chains if they use any
  • A description of the types of channels the organization is using for distribution channels and virtual supply chains; for example, first (producer), second (where the producer sells directly to the retailer), or third (where the producer sells directly to consumers)
  • A description of the relationship between the logistics department and the supply chain management department

Use the organization’s website to locate this information.

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