Individual Rights

Question 1

Do you think individuals have a social responsibility to get vaccinated for the sake of others in society?

Please explain your answer citing factual information as well as any personal experience that has influenced your opinion. Please read through the information found in the Vaccine Information folder below (refer to at least 2 of the items in here). Also see the rubric that students will use to rate your post Vaccine Db rubric.doc to make sure you cover all points. You don’t upload or submit this rubric. It is a guide -scroll to bottom of rubric- to how many “STARS” you check off on the students’ posts next week.

Depending on your position include considerations such as individual rights, side effects, herd immunity (Please reference any factual information.)
2a. What are 2-3 objections that others might raise to counter your position? 
b.Why do these objections not make you switch sides?

3. Can you think of why might some people say that refusing vaccinations is like not paying your taxes? In other words, do you see any similarities between these two positions?

Question 2

  1. Go to the following site: Through Your Child’s Eyes
  2. This site was created to be a resource for parents who have a child with a learning or attention concern. Click on “Experience It” and tailor an experience choosing a grade and a concern (whichever interests you).
  3. Complete the simulation.
  4. Share your thoughts on the experience, letting your group members know which grade and concern(s) you chose. How did the simulation feel? How, if at all, will this change how you work with children/adolescents?

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