Individual Presentation

Presentation Task:

You and your 4 partners have decided to open a large, full-service restaurant in your local community; it will be open from 7am to 10pm to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Each of you is investing £50,000 in the venture, and together you have secured a bank loan of £300,000 more to begin operations.  You and your partners have little experience in managing a restaurant beyond serving meals or eating in restaurants, and you now face the task of deciding how you will manage the restaurant and what your respective roles will be.

In 5 minutes you will need to: (8/10 slides and a speech of 800/900 words)

  1. Decide what each partner’s managerial role in the restaurant will be.  For example, who will be responsible for the necessary departments and specific activities?  Describe your managerial hierarchy.
  2. Which building blocks of competitive advantage do you need to establish to help your restaurant succeed?  What criteria will you use to evaluate how successfully you are managing the restaurant?
  3. Discuss the most important decisions that must be made about (a) planning, (b) organising, (c) leading, and (d) controlling, to allow you and your partners to utilise organisational resources effectively and build a competitive advantage.

Marking criteria for the presentation

  1. Is the breadth of the content sufficient?
  2. Is the depth of the content sufficient?
  3. Is the message of the presentation clearly put / argued?
  4. Is sufficient evidence given to support arguments?
  5. Is there evidence of appropriate critical thinking?
  6. Does the presenter put her own point of view in an appropriate manner?
  7. Is the audience engaged – is their attention maintained by the presenter?
  8. Is the response to questions and comment competent / accurate / adequate (etc)?
  9. Is the personal organisation of the presenter adequate (e.g. managing questions, notes, props etc)?
  10. Is time keeping managed well (enough)?
  11. Is the presentation:
  12. Audible
  13. clear (articulation)
  14. does the speaker have ‘presence’ and adequate confidence
  15. is his/her posture appropriate
  16. does he/she make appropriate eye contact
  17. is the pacing appropriate?
  18. Is the use of resources effective in quality, fitness for purpose etc:
  19. Power Point
  20. use of other resources?
  21. Is the presentation well structured:
  22. coherent approach
  23. clear identity of beginning (summary), middle and end (conclusion)
  24. Well ‘signposted’ structure?

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