Income Inequality

Question 1

Based on all the information provided in this scenario, Ms. Ross needs to take the Balanced Literacy Initiative campus-wide in order to improve the stagnant Reading and Writing scores at an Elementary School.

What systems and processes will Ms. Ross need to put in place in order improve Reading and Writing scores across the campus? Please outline your action plan and steps for making this campus-wide initiative successful in the new school year.

Question 2

What is urban religion? Discuss the ways in which religious experience is linked to urban space. Use at least one case-study from Orsi to craft your essay. How do ideas of code-switching or code-blending help us understand urban religion? Discuss using the Sai Baba movement or the JPC in Seattle.

Question 3

Why has Income Inequality been rising since the 1970?

You are being asked to discuss the consistency of the propositions with respect to Autor’s article. Briefly, Proposition 1 implies the reason why people are poor is because they are lazy. Proposition 2 implies that the reason people are poor is policy and institutional arrangement.

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