Important People, Events, Concepts, And Ideas


Short answer questions are drawn from key topics covered in lectures – important people, events, concepts, and ideas. Each topic will require you to do three things: (1) identify the subject, (2) describe its historical context, and (3) explain its historical significance.

  •      To describe a subject’s historical context is to reconstruct what was going on during that time. This may include political, social, religious, or economic events, or common beliefs or trends.
  •      To explain a subject’s historical significance is to justify why that subject matters within its context. In other words, why is it important for this course, or for our understanding of American history? (This is the “so what?” question.) Approximately half of your answer should be dedicated to explaining the historical significance.

Short Answers Topics:

-William Penn’s “Holy Experiment” ppt 3.2

-San Diego Mission Revolt  ppt 4.1

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