Immigrant Community

Question 1

Demonstrate how one current event or issue is emblematic of one or more of the theories we‘re discussing, ie Women Low Status and Power. For example, perhaps there‘s a breaking news story about Ethiopian women working as housekeepers and maids in Dubai. You might relate the issues in this news story to concerns discussed regarding women and labor in one of our texts. Another example: perhaps you‘re aware of an immigrant community here in the United States that is successfully transforming gender roles to be more favorable to women.

A paper might highlight this community, arguing that emigration has been beneficial to women. This short paper should be about 400-700 words and must include at least two quotations to be eligible for the full 20 points. Be creative here – it‘s not too hard to see how the theories we‘re reading operate in the world of current events and politics.

Question 2

The “Sign of the Times” (SOTT) is like doing a current even. However, this will be relative to sociology and the chapter we are doing that particular week. Here are some specifics:

 You will have a SOTT prepared when prompted in the modules.

 The preparation should include finding a periodical on the Internet, copy the URL and paste it into a Microsoft Word document, and typing a two to four paragraph synopsis on the same document.

The synopsis should summarize the article and explain how the article is relative to sociology and the chapter(s) we are covering that week. Please cite your work according to APA or ASA standards.

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