Image and Symbolism

Question 1

Sociologists have repeatedly shown representations of gender in the media support patriarchy and the “Beauty Myth”. Please provide 2 examples of this from any media source (TV; magazines; film; posters, etc.).

In your answer please explain: the image, the symbolism of the image, and why this is an example of gender inequality.

Each paragraph should be titled accordingly (e.g., Image; Symbolism; Gender Inequality) with a brief discussion. 

I attached an example of how it is suppose to be formatted, except obviously with more words.

At the end please make sure that included are:

1.TWO examples of gender in the media with analysis

2. Applied Theories of Beauty Myth and/or Patriarchy. You Employed the concepts correctly and used evidence to support the claim.

Question 2

The purpose of this assignment is to explore race, gender, and occupational stratification in the workforce.

To complete this assignment, perform the following tasks:

  • Choose a person to interview. This person should have experience with race, gender, and/or occupational stratification, either as a human resources manager, a hiring manager, or someone similar, OR you may choose someone who personally experienced race, gender, and/or occupational stratification.
  • Create at least five interview questions related to racism, sexism, and stereotypes in the workforce.
  • Interview this person.
  • Discuss the interview in an organized paper, supporting your analysis of the interview with the text, lectures, and appropriate other resources. Be sure to address issues of racism, sexism, and stereotypes in the workforce. Finally, apply your own experiences to your interviewee’s responses. Be sure to include your interview questions and the person’s responses to the question in your paper.

Provide a minimum of three references and apply the correct APA standards in the format of text, citations, and references.

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