Ideological Aspiration


The goal of free trade is not merely an idealogical aspiration, as compared to command economy; it is the rising tide that lifts all boats. When free trade exists all parties benefit; although, not necessarily in the same way..

Part 1: Using a specific company and country as an example, discuss the many benefits to the home country and host country. Explain your reasoning.

Part 2: Discuss how free trade can harm one part of the economy, while simultaneously benefiting another part of that same economy. 


  • 1. How would 4.53×10^8 be represented in normalized floating point form?
  • 2. What would the result from problem 1 be in IEEE-754 single precision floating point binary?


Do a bit of research and come up with the percentage of new businesses that fail in the first 3 years of start up. How did you determine this number? What are some of the reasons for failures upon start up? Find and interview a person who started their own business and ask them what it took to be successful in the first 3 years.

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