Identity Definition

Question 1

Seeing how powerful race and gender are in defining our identities. Despite advances towards equality, racism and sexism continue to exist in our society.

Thinking about these ideas, describe how race and gender shape a person’s life. Which is most powerful in a person’s life: race, gender, or class? How do all three intersect in your life? How are your own experiences different (or the same) as your parents’ experiences? Be sure to support your answer with the text, appropriate outside resources, and your own personal experiences.

Create a response in 3 paragraphs to the discussion question. Cite sources and include references in your response.

Question 2

Complete a minimum 4-page (1000 words) draft of your AP Introduction, including a Works Cited page. Note that all of this is meant to construct the terms of the argument and set you up nicely to answer the question with the word BECAUSE. Your AP Intro should include the following, much of which you can edit for space and otherwise adapt from your HCP:

  1. Introduction– Define the problem. This could be one paragraph (each of the below taking one or two sentences) or a full page. Do not cut and paste this wholesale from Composition 1. Make smart choices about what we need to know now, for this essay. Do not simply foreground or anticipate the arguments of the AE. Remind us of what is at stake. You need to include the following, possibly in this order:
    1. An initial statement defining the problem with the resulting policy failure – be specific, as always.
    2. briefsketch or history (moments) of a major cause or a few equal causes as discussed in your HCP
    3. Some way of quantifying the extent of the problem, usually statistics, possibly showing a trendover time, toward reminding us of size, scope, urgency and attempts so far to fix
    4. briefassessment of the consequences/stakes of not solving the problem. What will happen or continue or result if not addressed?
  2. Policy Explanation– Explain details of the policy. Answer who, what,where, when, why and especially how.
    1. An introductory description of the recommended policy. What exactly is it? A white paper, proposed legislation (state, federal?), funding or enforcement initiative or effort, national or international policy position, recommendation, what exactly is it, where and produced by who?
    2. Whatare the requirements of the policy? What agencies or institutions or officers or groups are responsible/accountable and how?
    3. Whenwould it be carried out? Are there phases? When would you expect to see improvement and what would it look like? How much would it cost?
    4. A strong thesiswhich argues why the policy is the best course of action. Perhaps you even know already WHY it is better than other strong or worthwhile answers. Who will carry this policy or program out and how? Who will it most directly affect and how? How much will it cost? Is it viable, real, long or short-term? What experts or advocates support or back it, and why is that important? Cite and use and quote your go-to players, experts. We won’t worry about opposition yet.

You MUST include a Works Cited page.

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