Hybrid Protocol

  1. A ________________ is an authentication tag (also called a checksum)

derived by applying an authentication scheme, together with a secret

key, to a message.

  •  A. Digital Certificate
  •  B. Hash Function
  •  C. Message authentication code (MAC)
  •  D. Public-Key

    2. A type of encryption where the same key is used to encrypt and decrypt the message is:
    • A. Symmetric Encryption
    • B. Asymmetric Encryption
    • C. Eliptical Encryption
    • D. Digital Encryption

3. The process of decoding data that has been encrypted into a secret format is:

a. Encryption

b. decryption

c. key

d. passcode

4. _____________ is the conversion of data into a form, called a ciphertext, that cannot be easily understood by unauthorized people.

a. Encryption

b. Decryption

c. key

d. passcode

5. _____________ is a technique intended to increase the security of an iterated block cipher.

a. Hybrid Protocol

b. Keyed Hash Function

c. Key Agreement

d. Key whitening

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