Hunger and Malnutrition

Question 1

The development of new varieties of grain crops increased productivity by increasing the:

a.surface area of the leaves of the plants

b.size of the roots and ability to absorb water

c.strength of the stems to support more grains

d.size and number of seeds

Question 2

In the last 50 years, the greatest progress in addressing worldwide hunger and malnutrition came from the:

a.use of better transportation methods to export grain more efficiently

b.development and use of new varieties of high-yielding wheat and rice

c.reduced reliance on pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers

d.widespread use of sustainable irrigation methods

Question 3

Although the Green Revolution has greatly reduced world hunger and malnutrition, it has:

a.doubled the amount of land used to raise crops

b.not significantly increased the productivity of modern agriculture

c.required high levels of increasingly expensive fertilizer and pesticides

d.contributed significantly to the destruction of the ozone layer

Question 4

The Hubbert peak accurately predicted

a.maximum U.S. oil consumption in  1972.

b.maximum U.S. oil consumption continuing to climb through today.

c.maximum U.S. oil production about  1995.

d.maximum U.S. oil production about  1970.

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