Human Resource Administrations


1. Imagine a vendor responded to your request for a HRIS proposal. What are the indirect/direct costs and benefits of the HRIS? What is the cost of implementation (include dollar estimates)? Does the cost justify the HRIS investment? Explain.

2. Does your organization utilize self-service portals? How do you use self-service portals? If you do not have experience using self-service portals, which portals would you recommend for your organization and why would you recommend those portals? What are some laws that govern HR Administration? What are some current or past examples of the impact of violating these laws?


 American Auto is evaluating their marketing plan for the sedans, SUVs, and trucks they   produce. A TV ad featuring this SUV has been developed. The company estimates each showing of this commercial will coss $500,000 and increase sales of SUVs by 3% but reduces sales of trucks by 1% and have no effect of the sales of   sedans. The company also has a print ad campaign developed that it can run in various nationally distributed magazines at a cost of $750,000 per title. It is estimated that each magazine title the ad runs in will increase the sales of sedans, SUVs, and trucks by2 %, 1%, and 4%, respectively. The company desires to increase sales of sedans, SUVs, and trucks by at least 3%, 14%, and 4$, respectively, in the least costly manner.  A. Formulate and LP model for   this problem using excel B.

B. What is the optimal   solution    

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