Human Impacts

Question 1
When discussing biodiversity- What do the letters in the acronym HIPPO stand for? Describe an example of each?

Describe the biogeochemical cycle of carbon, phosphorus, and nitrogen. What are the major human impacts on the carbon, phosphorus, and nitrogen cycles?

Describe the differences between subsistence and modern agriculture. What are the major components of the agricultural revolution? What are the environmental costs of modern agriculture?

each answer should be at least one paragraph.

Question 2

Contrast the traditional RELIGIOUS and PHILOSOPHICAL WORLDVIEWS with the evolving ECOLOGICAL VIEW. Explain how these views differ and intersect by using examples from our readings..

Question 3

Given an example of a place that is known for having many earthquakes, volcanoes, or both? What is the plate boundary situation there? Tell us about a noteworthy earthquake or eruption that this area has experienced.

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