Human Error as a Contribution to Accidents

Assignment Brief

Human error is often considered as a main contributory factor of accidents. However, concentrating too much on the human rather than the system can wrongly lead to blame. STPA shifts the blame from human and reveal system design constraints leading to unsafe actions.

In this assignment, you will need to assess system safety risks in ground handling operations for liquid hydrogen-powered (LH2) aircraft.

It is worth 100% of the mark.

  • Ensure that your work is supported with research from credible sources (e.g., using the Cranfield University library databases) to support your arguments where possible.
  • This assignment should be written in an academic style-report containing an introduction, STPA application, discussion and conclusion sections.
  • Use appropriate headings, labelling, citations and referencing. Marks here are also awarded for flow and structure of the assignment.
  • A word template is provided under this same section. I would encourage you all to use the word template.

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