How the issues affect Managers?

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Although the Wellness and Recreation Center is a great space to engage in activities and work on physical fitness, some issues the center face as a business are generating

funds and making money to keep the center up and running. Each year they try to get the

basketball courts refinished due to always welcoming the community and having high school

students and camps come to the center. The managers are fighting to expand the wellness center and focus on customers’ demand for high quality due to the students complaints of not feeling motivated going to the gym because the workout equipment is either old, broken, or they have low supplies so students have to wait for somebody to be done with the utilities so they can use it. Referring back to chapter 1 “Customer Focused for High Quality” the organization needs to become more customer focused by meeting changing product and service demand, and exceed customers’ expectations of high quality (abc, 2016). The wellness center can meet these standards by staying updated on the latest equipment so students can feel inspired to use the exercise room and having a high demand of the workout gear.

Other issues the wellness center face is motivating the staff members. The manager feels as though his employees lack accountability, he wants his staff to be motivated and want to come into work instead of tracking them down and forcing them to work and stay on task. According to Chapter 4” The ABC Model of an Attitude”, employee’s attitude towards a job affects their behavioral intent and cognition (abc, 2016). Some employee behavior the managers have been through are constant call outs of work last minute, not showing up to work at all, when they do attend they are lazy and do not fulfill the obligations that are required.

From the student’s perspective since they are full time students and work full time at the wellness and recreation center, it is a lot of pressure fulfilling all the obligations at work especially if their grades are poor and they are focused on passing their classes. Their work performance may lack based on personal issues and can cause invalidity. So when it’s time for a performance appraisal which is the evaluation of a person’s performance by the manager, their personal issues affect their overall role. Also student employees feel as though they do not get rewards or acknowledgement to motivated them to perform better at work. They want to feel valued and expect rewards for the effort they put into working at the wellness after a long day of class. The lack of rewards causes lack of motivation and goal performance setting within employees.

Managers want the campus to understand they have resources

for students, staff, and the rest of the community that other colleges don’t have to offer and feel as though us students do not take advantage of all of them such as physical fitness challenges, personal training, mental health, etc. When they host engaging activities majority of the students do not show up so its just a waste of time and effort. The managers want to do their part in building a better facility for the community but they also want us to do our part in participating and interacting at the wellness and recreation center.

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