How Nurses Use EBP and Research to Change Practice and Improve Outcomes

How Nurses Use EBP and Research to Change Practice and Improve Outcomes
Nurses use evidence to support clinical decisions regarding patient care. Quality evidence should be the basis for any decisions driving practice change. The goal of this activity is to help you understand how staff nurses on a unit you are assigned to for clinical this semester are involved EBP and research to change practice, thereby improving care and outcomes.

You will interview a staff nurse about how they conduct EBP practice and research on that unit. You may use any of your currently assigned clinical units. Following is a set of questions to explore with the nurse. The interview should only take about 15 minutes. You will then write a 2 to 3-paged paper using APA format describing the findings of your interview. Your discussion should show some synthesis of the responses and should NOT be simply a point-by-point response to each separate question. This is an individual activity, NOT to be done with other members of your team, class, or clinical group.
1. Does your unit participate in a shared governance model? Would you please describe this?
2. How are topics for EBP and/or research projects determined?
3. Who is responsible for carrying out the projects?
4. If there is a team assigned to a project, what is the role of nurses not on the team related to the project?
5. Are nurses paid for time to work on these projects or is this part of your professional role expectation? Is participation in EBP or research considered in your annual performance evaluation?
5. What happens if some of the nurses do not like or want to make the practice change?

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