Housing Pricing

Question 1

Practical Real Estate Law – 3 Year Option, 7th Edition
Daniel F. Hinkel


Public Regulation: 

1. In your opinion, is it necessary to have public regulations/laws that restrict the use of private property? Please explain why or why not. Give examples.

2. Pick three (3) different public regulations that are described in Chapter 4 of our Text, and explain (in your own words) what each regulation does, and whether or not you think this particular regulation is beneficial to the community. Use examples in your explanation.

Question 2

1. In preparing this problem, you will need to determine how much you are willing to drop the price of the old house and not have a financial loss.

2. List the monthly outgo for the new house and the monthly outgo for the old house.

3. Consider what the extra $1,100 a month payment on the old house will amount to in six months and a year.

4. Determine the extra cost per month you can pay, and when you should drop the asking price. Show all calculation.

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