Homogeneity of Variance


 Human resource management can be a stand-alone function or it can be one of many functions and tasks within the HR Department. Briefly explain at least 7 main roles that HRM plays within organizations. Discuss which roles you feel are the most important with your fellow students in the Forum’s discussion and why you feel they are the most important.

Questions for Discussion: Human resource development can be a stand-alone function, or it can be one of the primary functions within an HRM department. How is training conducted in your organization? Briefly discuss these topics with your fellow classmates and formulate ways that training and HRD can be improved in your department or organization.


Practice problem #16 pg. 307: A researcher theorized that people can hear better when they have just eaten a large meal. Six individuals were randomly assigned to eat either a large meal or a small meal. After eating the meal, their hearing was tested: The hearing ability scores (high numbers indicate greater ability) are given the following table. Using the .05 level, do the results support the researcher’s theory?

(a) Use the test of hypothesis testing,

(b) sketch the distribution involved.

(c) Does not need to be completed in this assignment. To complete this question review the chart located on #16 pg. 307. The chart looks like this: Big Meal Group Small Meal group Subject Hearing Subject Hearing A 22 D 19 B 25 E 23 C 25 F 21

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