History 1301

Question description

1.No one is sure of thanksgiving .True or False ?

2. Thanksgiving demonstrates the relationship between native American tribes and Europeans in the future. True or False?

3. The Pilgrims we’re escaping religious in England. True or False?

4.The Wampanoag tribe did not see the Pilgrim as a threat because they had ? A.No guns. B. strange clothes. C.woman and children D. boats.

5. The first winter most of the pilgrim woman had died. True or False?

6. The tribes at first seem divided as to what to do with the Pilgrims. True or False?

7. The Chief believe that Pilgrims will be manageable and possibly helpful. True or False?

8. The first talks required a Pilgrim Hostage. True or False?

9. Pilgrims believe that the Native American should convert to Christianity to live among them. True or False?

10. THE war between the New England colony and the native Americans is called ? A.The French Indian war. B.The seven years war C. Prince Philip war D. The fire war.

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