Historic Factors

The purpose of this assignment is to begin the process of examining family groups and cultures different from one’s own.  The task is to provide a summary of the information contained in the article. Personal opinions or beliefs about the traditions of the group you are discussing is not appropriate for this assignment.

Detailed Instructions:

Pick one (1) group from EITHER Racial/Ethnic Diversity, OR Religion Modules. 

Student will select a group to which the student does not belong

Locate the reading about that group provided in Canvas. 

Locate at least one additional source about the group you have chosen.  

Write a summation for your chosen group using the following criteria

Student will briefly discuss four significant points that qualify that group as diverse according to accepted definition of ‘the norm’

Student will discuss historic or social factors or events that have influenced the inclusion or exclusion of that group

Submit the summation through the Assignment link.  This will be graded by the Instructor

The student will create a thread under the appropriate Canvas Discussion and post their summation.

Please be prepared to have you classmates comment on the content of your summation. 

Please submit these as soon as possible since your classmates are required to post comments based on these summations

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