High School Principal


 A high school principal wanted to know if the racial makeup of her teachers mirrored that of the student body. The student body broke down into 47% White, 28% Latino, 15% African American, and 10% other. Of the 65 teachers, 42 were White, 4 were Latino, 15 were African American, and 4 were Other. Do these results suggest that the racial makeup of the faculty members is different from that of the students? (Use the .05 significance level.)

a. Use the five steps of hypothesis testing. Show all work. (15 points)

b. Explain the logic of what you’ve done to a person with no background in inferential statistics.    


solve using integration methodxdy +y( x-1) dx =  0

xdy +y( x-1) dx =  0


Wendy goes to school at a fancy private institute in Singapore. The institute is in a high rise building of twenty five stories and a penthouse. Each floor is 12 feet high, with an added space of 2 feet for equipment between floors. Wendy is a loner. She is 6 feet tall and at least 1 foot taller than everyone else in her class.
The math teacher gives the class the assignment to estimate the height of the school building, in teams; and offers a prize to the most accurate estimate. Several teams form and set out to measure at least one story. Wendy, left out of all teams, walks outside by herself. She notices that the grounds around the building are tiled, with a beautiful pattern made of 6-inch tiles. She starts walking and counting tiles from the building wall toward the tip of the building shadow. She stands on the 187th tile, and sees her own shadow beginning to appear (matching the tip of the building’s shadow) three tiles further. She smiles and goes back to class. All the other teams hand in the same answer. Wendy hands in her answer and wins.

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