Healthcare and Evolution of Technology

The Healthcare industry has grown tremendously through the evolution of technology. Healthcare professionals utilize technology on a daily basis in caring for patients. The start of telemedicine began when electronic medical health records were implemented in all healthcare settings. However, telemedicine is a double edged sword that helps alleviate healthcare providers in caring for patients, but it also limits providers on caring for patients. A perfect example of how telemedicine positively impacts healthcare was the mid of COVID-19. Many patients require to see their physicians for refills and/or follow ups. Telemedicine allows patients to see their provider via the internet. Patients not physically needed to be in the clinic allows the provider to see more patients. Studies show that patients are more likely to attend their telehealth visit with providers more often, than an in-person visit (Abedini, Calton, & Fratkin, 2020). Telemedicine negatively impacts healthcare as many patients demand more tele-health visits as it is more convenient for them. However, tele-health visits limit providers from a thorough physical assessment on patients’ health presentation. For example, a patient experienced a mechanical fall with no deformity. However, patient complaints of consistent pain and mild swelling. A provider would need to physically assess a patient’s circulation, movement, and sensory distal to the pain. This restricts provider evaluation to rule-out fractures. Thus, telemedicine once utilized appropriately such as follow up with patients, who require to see their providers often is a great choice for healthcare services. Telemedicine should not be used for patients with newly onset symptoms and/or acute care. 


Abedini, N., Calton, B., & Fratkin, M. (2020). Telemedicine in the Time of Coronavirus. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management. 60(1). e12-e14.

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