Head of Department

Question 1 (40%)
Your company recently sent you to a training workshop. The workshop was very useful and you would like to give a presentation to your colleagues about it. Write an email to your head of department. In your email:
• explain why the workshop was useful;
• say what your presentation will be about; and
• provide two (2) reasons why this presentation would interest your colleagues.

Question 2 (60%)
As part of Budiman Secondary school’s ‘Parents Day 2018’ celebration, you have been invited as a guest speaker to speak on the following topic:
Recently, there have been numerous cases of crime among young people in Malaysia. What are the main causes of this problem? What would be the solutions to this problem?
Write the speech that you will be making to your colleagues. Provide two (2) main causes and two (2) solutions in your speech.

Question 3

Ho Yan Hor Sdn Bhd is a family business founded in 1940. Its most famous product is the Chinese Herbal Tea that relieves cold, vomit and diarrhea. The overall business performance was flat for the last three years. The company hires you as the chief strategist to increase the business volume. How would you start your strategic planning process in the first 30 days of your job?

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