Hazard and Safety Assessment


Answer all four questions, half a page paragraph each answering all parts of question.

Work cited page needed too broken down in sections, 2 cited for each question
1) Four premises are used to address accident prevention. Discuss why you think the four premises can help you to perform a hazard analysis and risk assessment. Which of the premises do you believe is the most important for determining the role of a safety engineer in hazard analyses/risk assessments? 
2) You have been given the task of identifying hazards at an automotive parts manufacturing facility and then performing risk assessments on all of the hazards. Identify the point of the process where you would recommend including a safety engineer. Explain why you chose that particular point. 
3) Compare the terms hazard and risk. Give two examples of occupational hazards you are familiar with, and explain why you believe they are hazards. Using the two examples, discuss variables in the work environment that you believe may increase the risks associated with the hazards. 
4) Explain the differences between a reactive and a proactive approach to safety. Discuss how the use of one of the approaches over the other would affect a facility’s approach to hazard analysis and risk assessment

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