Harvest Plan

For this assignment, you will create a harvest plan by describing in detail which exit strategy(ies) you will use, how you will execute the plan, and all the intricate parts of your plan. Follow the steps below to complete this assignment:

  • Discuss in detail the exit strategy(ies) you will use and why it is/they are appropriate. Be very specific in your details about the intricate workings of your chosen strategy(ies).
  • Present each and every element in your harvest plan. You may use diagrams and/or graphs to aid in the explanation of your harvest plan. (These visual aids will be especially helpful when you choose multiple harvest strategies – to show how the strategies work together. If you use any visual aids, be sure to provide descriptive details of the image below each of them).
  • Keep in mind, some exit strategies are industry specific and some are more effective than others in different situations. Ensure your harvest plan can be executed in your industry.
  • Follow APA guidelines for citing your sources and references.
  • See rubric associated with this assignment for grading criteria.

Book: Small Business Management, 17e

Justin Longenecker

Question 2
Define the following: Branches of Government and Caselaw and Administrative Regulations

(A) Definition (quote from the Textbook, with page number, OR quote from another permitted source — i.e. an online law dictionary, with proper source citation )
(B) Explanation in your own words
(C) Example (either your own, OR one that is in the Text, OR one that is in another permitted source, with proper source citation)
(D) Find a website that supports and further explains your answer.

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