Hacksaw Ridge and Casablanca Movie Review

  1. from Casablanca (1942), by Dana Polan: After watching the movie Casablanca and reading the article “The Limitless Potentials and the Potential Limits of Classical Hollywood Cinema,” use a quote from this article and also find an outside source (like imdb.com) to help clarify why you specifically agree or disagree, or differ from one or two points from Polan’s review of the film. Provide the link and the title of site that used for your internet research. Clarify specifically how your interpretation was different and/or similar to Polan’s point(s) (150 words or so)
  2. As descriptively as you can, write about scenes from Dances with Wolves OR Hacksaw Ridge the movies and write about a scene that resonates with you positively (in terms of portrayals, like gender) and write about a scene that resonates with particularly negatively in terms of (in terms of portrayals of diversity), and explain the differences in the way people of color were portrayed, and why you think this is significant in your own experience and knowledge from this semester’s readings so far. Remember to describe the scene in plot details with actual characters’ names. Also, please indicate by time signature (example: 1 hour, 2 minutes, or 1’2”) where the scenes are located in the film. (100 words or so)

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