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Question 1

Based on the list of IT equipment and tools you created for the global and data center network schematics in Module One (including the instructor’s recommendations), create a security procedure for each of the DMZ equipment and tools in each list – e.g., firewall, routers, switches, IDS, IPS, honeypot, honeynet, etc. Use the attached Security Procedure template (Security Procedure template) for each security procedure.

Routers, Internet Use, Email Server, Web Server, Proxy Server, Authentication Server, Database Server, Application Server, Directory Server, Wireless Access, Firewall, Software, and Computers.

Each must be on a separate policy procedure.

Question 2

Write a 1/2-page informal paper using Microsoft® Word that answers the following questions:

•Accurately define Cloud Storage-as-a-Service

•Accurately describe how to get to OneDrive® from a web browser

•Describe in a set-by-step manner how to sync files

•What is a guest link?

•List three ways you can control access in OneDrive®

•Describe two vulnerabilities you think OneDrive® has Submit your informal paper and screenshot using the Assignment Files tab.

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