Growth of an Infant

Select a topic for which you may be required to offer anticipatory guidance to parents/ guardians of children. Some suggested topics are listed below. Feel free to ask the course faculty if you are unsure if your topic is appropriate. Prepare a 15-minute recorded PowerPoint presentation and post it for your peers that addresses the following criteria:

  1. Definition and relevance of topic
  2. Review of literature
  3. Growth and development considerations related to topic
  4. Anticipatory guidance (all of the education related your topic)
  5. Family as unit of care (how to incorporate the family unit into the teaching)
  6. Role of the nurse practitioner

Review available patient education, internet sources, children’s stories and games, and include any evidence-based practice guidelines in the pediatric literature. Include a list of materials and websites for the population for which it is best suited. Be sure to address cost (if any).

Students are required to comment on 5 other students’ presentations. The comments should include what they learned from their peer’s presentation, a clinical pearl or clinical story related to the topic, and other interesting information they’d like to share. The presentations will be posted by the Wednesday of the week due with peer responses due by the end of the week (Sunday).

Suggested Topics:

  1. Infant safety
    1. Infant sleep
    1. Infant nutrition
    1. Toddler discipline and self-esteem
    1. Toddler safety
    1. Toilet training
    1. Preschool fears and sleep
    1. School-age discipline and self-esteem
    1. School-age safety
    1. Components of sports physical for adolescent
    1. Adolescent sexuality
    1. Adolescent substance abuse prevention
    1. Adolescent peer relationships/refusal skills

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