Group Effectiveness Analysis


Text: Johnson, D. W., & Johnson, F. P. (2017). Joining together: Group theory and group skills (12th Ed.). New Jersey: Pearson. 

Group Effectiveness Analysis Project /Paper

Each student will select a group (Outside of our classroom) that they are currently a member and that meets the characteristics of a group described in the textbook (attached Cht. 1 pg. 24-27). You can use work groups, sports team, student club/organization, religious group, roommates, family, etc.  The main purpose of this project is for each student to use course content to observe and analyze the effectiveness of their group and to provide specific suggestions for improvement. You will specifically be utilizing the seven guidelines for creating effective groups that is highlighted in the textbook as a

foundational piece for your analysis (attached Cht. 1 pg. 24-27).

Steps for Writing the Paper

  1. Description of Group:

   Write a description of the group that incorporates course content. The obvious is to start first with sharing the purpose of the group as well as the type of group.  Be specific about how many are in the group. Continue to use the topics from the first few classes to help with the description.  For example,

one of the topics is on group structure.  Therefore, the student should discuss how their group is structured, in regards to the different roles and responsibilities of group members (including your role as well), the implicit

and explicit norms of the group and the current goals of the group (See attachment excerpts from text).  (This description will become the introduction of your final paper and should be a couple paragraphs.)

  • Analysis of the Group’s Effectiveness:

Throughout the semester, you need to be observing your group’s effectiveness.  Refer to the Guidelines for Creating Effective Groups and the table 1.2 on the Comparison of Effective and Ineffective Groups (pp. 24-27) (attached Cht. 1 pg. 24-27).

 to help frame your analysis of the group’s effectiveness. The journals will be extremely helpful for writing this analysis section along with the information collected from the surveys/interviews. This will be the largest section of your paper.  This section needs to integrate specific examples from your group with course topics/content.  To be detailed and thoughtful enough, this section should be no less than 4 pages.  (You should be citing the textbook throughout the paper along with using specific examples from your group observations and survey results).

  • Recommendations:

 Based on what you learned about the effectiveness/ineffectiveness of the group, you should come up with at least four specific, thoughtful recommendations for the group in order to address the areas in which they were most ineffective. (Do not just say something like “We will work on improving communication”.  – You need to share a detailed and specific idea that will help the group address the communication issues they have been dealing with.)

  • Personal Analysis:

 Each student will write an analysis of their behavior and role within this group.  You will need to be very specific on areas that you feel are definite strengths and areas that you most definitely can improve.

  • Conclusion: Provide a concluding summary of the paper and what you learned about Leading in Groups from this assignment.

Paper Outline

  1. Introduction (Includes the Group Description)

II.    Body of Paper

A. Analysis of Group Effectiveness Based on the Seven Criteria for Effective Groups

B. Minimum of Four Specific and Detailed Recommendations for Improvement

C. Analysis of Your Behavior/Role in the Group

III. Conclusion

Paper Criteria:

-Cover Page (Paper Title, name, date)

-Typed, 12 point font (Times New Roman), double-spaced

-One inch margins (top and sides)

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