Group Discussion

250 words with one reference in APA format and include in-text citation.

Question 1

You just started a new job. The team you are working on is getting ready to start a project. The project involves your team organizing and hosting a luncheon for the organization’s staff and their families. The company employs 3,000 people spanning over five states (Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio). The team has 90 days to hold this luncheon.

Part A.  

Looking at the luncheon as a project, identify factors that could constrain the success of the luncheon?

Part B.  

Think of an experience you have had working with a group of people to accomplish a goal. Provide your peers with a description of the makeup of the group and the goal trying to be attained.  

Discuss whether the group was successful and what contributed to its success. If the group was not successful, please identify what caused the challenges resulting in its failure.

Question 2

250 words with one reference in APA format and include in-text citation.

As your team is planning for the luncheon (the luncheon referenced above), it is obvious a number of team members are at odds with one another over where the event should be held and what activities should be offered. The conflict has stifled the progress of the project. Review the five approaches to resolving conflict offered by Blake & Mouton (2013). The Blake Mouton Managerial Model Adaptation to Conflict Resolution. Quantmleap.

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