Group Discussion Board 1

Historical Christian Purpose of Education
Do some research to find historic evidence of the early days of American education’s purpose. Search the Internet using key words such as education, Christian, American history coupled with some of these institutions, names, and books. You may use these, but they are primarily examples. If a link has already been posted, please search for another one. First come, first served.
Founding of Harvard University-
1642 Old Deluder Satan Act-
The 1787 Northwest Ordinance, see Article 3
Benjamin Rush –
McGuffey Readers (PAPER; Smith):
New England Primer (PAPER; Smith):
Protestant Reformation: Educational Ideas and Approaches Cultivated by Luther and Other Reformers (PAPER; Smith):
See also – The Horn Book, Noah Webster, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, Emma Willard
Booker T. Washington, Daniel Webster, Martin Luther
Thread: Write two paragraphs, totaling at least 250 words.
1. Share the link to the information you found with an APA reference.
2. Write the first paragraph summarizing what you discovered regarding the historical purpose of education in the U.S.
3. Write the second paragraph, expressing what you think the purpose of education, the “why” of education should be. You may draft your own statement or you may choose one of these to get you started: I believe that the purpose of education is…, School and learning are important because…, Education is a good thing because…, Individuals and society benefit from education because… Do not write about “how” education should be conducted. Don’t write about “why you believe” what you believe. Write about what you believe. No citations are needed for this second paragraph, you’ll use them in your replies.
Replies: Consider the thoughts of your classmates, compare and contrast what they believe with the philosophers we’ve studied. Which philosophy do they seem to align with? How are they alike and how are they different? Give at least one citation and reference per reply.

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