Government Frameworks

Question 1

This assignment is all about inclusive learning practices. From socio and economic factors that affect a learners journey to understanding the governments frameworks and policies on inclusive learning. What is your role and responsibility in-regards to inclusive learning practice in your specialism and how do you create an inclusive learning environment for your learners?

Question 2

Critique the case from a leadership, management, and strategic organisational transformation and change viewpoint. Note that ‘critique’ means to review and analyse the situation critically.
Based on the critique what would you conclude and recommend?
Motivate your assertions utilising explicit- and tacit knowledge gained from the literature and your experience.”
TOTAL: [100]

Question 3

Identify a risk factor (or factors) for a non-communicable disease (or diseases) and critically appraise and summarize the evidence for the relationship between the two, using your understanding and interpretation of the concept of causation. The public health importance of the disease in a specific, named, developed country should be identified, using relevant reports and studies. The implications for public health action in that country should be discussed.

Question 4

As the law stands, minors cannot make contracts.”

Discuss this statement and state the exceptions, if any, in which a contract with a minor is binding.

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