Government Focus

Question 1

‘The focus of governance is on value creation by organisations, embedded within the major challenges of the 21st century, namely the shift:

  •  from financial capitalism to inclusive capitalism
  •  from short-term capital markets to long-term, sustainable capital markets, and
  •  from siloed reporting to integrated reporting.

It is also concerned with the concept of corporate citizenship which flows from the fact that the company is a person and should operate in a sustainable manner. ‘

King IV, South Africa, 2016


Identify and discuss the challenges that are placed on a NZ listed company if it is to meet the governance focus outlined in the above quote. Refer to relevant reporting frameworks in your response.

Question 2

The United Kingdom Registered Designs Act 1949 provides that a design can be registered if it is new and has individual character. Critically compare the requirements under the Malaysian Industrial Designs Act 1996 to those in the UK Act.

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