Goodwill of Silicon Valley

Part A and B should be written with a clear introductory paragraph, thesis statement, well organized body paragraphs, subsections, subtitles, include in text citations (textbook author’s last name, page number), have full APA citations, and be maximum 900-1,000 words per part (around 6-7 pages in total). Include tables or charts if appropriate. Separate part A and B in two different parts (including references page). The NGO for the project will be Goodwill of Silicon Valley.

Part A. Identify the NPO/NGO, and briefly summarize its:

  • approximate geographical area of operation
    • exact mission statement
    • board members (with very brief biographies)
    • management staff
    • overview of trends and issues of interest, praise and concern observed in the last three IRS 990’s (if you can find 2019, please do so)

Part B. Briefly summarize the following details about the NPO/NGO (for this part, it is recommended to contact with them to get more info if necessary):

  • current membership represented or clients served
    • organizational successes, achievements & competencies (reported in the media or annual reports and newsletters)
    • ongoing campaigns, programs or projects
    • recent output and outcomes
    • current strategy

Books for references:

Worth (2017). Nonprofit Management: Principles and Practice. Fourth Edition. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. ISBN: 978-1483375991

Libby and Dietrick (2017). Cases in Nonprofit Management: A Hands-On Approach to Problem Solving. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. ISBN: 978-1483383484

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