Good Society


This week you have an option of which prompt you would like to respond to. Please choose either Prompt 1 or Prompt 2 and thoroughly address the questions included in that prompt.

Prompt 1

1. Identify the key value or concept within Confucianism that you find most important for establishing a good society. Explain this value or concept. Then explain why you find this key value or concept to be important for a good society.

2. Do you think Confucianism left out any values or concepts essential for establishing the foundation of a good society? If not, explain why. If so, what value should be included and why?


Prompt 2

1. Whether Confucianism qualifies as a religion is debatable. Briefly explain one of the reasons it is and one of the reasons it is not considered a religion, drawing on Huston Smith’s explanation in the text The Worlds Religions.

2. Express your own view on whether it should be classified as a religion. Draw on the definitions of religion we explored in Unit 1 to help you do so.

Instructions and Important Information

You must submit an initial post before you can view other postings in this discussion.

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