Global Warming

Global warming is a social issue that is widely discussed in the U.S. and across the world today.  The impacts of this social problem on local communities are far-reaching. In this discussion you will examine how global warming is expected to impact your local community, as well as discuss how different social groups are affected in different ways.

For in-depth information on what global warming is and how it impacts (or is expected to impact) coastal cities in the United States review the following resources:

  • Climate Change: Causes  .
  • Rising Seas  
  • Global Warming .

To investigate how global warming is expected to impact the region where you live visit the 2014 National Climate Assessment website.  Be sure to click on the “Explore Regions” link for a list of all the regions in the United States.  You can also review the Surging Seas Risk Zone Map if you happen to live in a coastal city.  

As climate change intensifies, experts note the increasing incidence and growing severity of natural disasters.  To learn more about how issues of race and class are related to disaster response review the following articles:

  • Where Black Lives Matter Began  .
  • Examining Race, Class, and Katrina .

After reviewing all of the resources above, address each of the following:

  1. How does human activity impact global warming?  What are two environmental problems related to global warming that experts expect to occur in coming decades?
  2. According to the National Climate Assessment website, what are the main environmental issues that the region where you live (or if you cannot find your particular region, the region where you grew up or have some connection to) will face due to global warming?  What can you do to help?
  3. What role did race and class play in the response to hurricane Katrina?  How did the history of structural race relations and inequalities in New Orleans impact how the hurricane affected different racial and class groups?  How did the government’s response vary by the race and class of the residents?

Your initial post should be at least 500 words 

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