Global Virtual Teams

Question 1

Offering narratives from your own experience, discuss a time when you have worked in a team and the team was successful. Describe the reasons for that success. Also, discuss an instance when you have worked in a team that failed. Explain what went wrong with specific examples.

Discussion 2

Discuss some of the benefits and challenges of virtual teams using the text to support your points. Page 219 in the text explains some cultural influences for global virtual teams. Our Kaplan classes have students from all over the globe and even if you have not been in a class with a team project, the discussions and Seminars incorporate some of these global variables. To discuss these elements, explain two of the variables in the chart and provide an example of when you encountered each in a Kaplan class.

Using the University Online Library or the Internet, research chemical reactions in healthcare. On the basis of your research, respond to the following:

  • What is the difference between biochemical, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic chemical reactions?
  • What is a specific example that exists for each and why might they be important to healthcare professionals?
  • List a balanced chemical equation for each and explain how it is used in your example above.

Question 2

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