Global Disruptive Environment

Question 1

Part I “Advanced Strategic Management” (2500 words)

  1. In the global disruptive environment of the contemporary era Apple Inc. must compete with broader forces of competition. Conduct a solid and systematic industry analysis of Apple Inc.?
  2. What is Apple Inc.’s strategy? Porter’s generic strategies may not explain why Apple Inc. has become the giant it is today. Explain the rationale from the “structure is the strategy'” How essential is the role of operations research in this regard?
  3. Apple Inc. ecosystem policy made the firm highly competitive. What are the essential pillars of an ecosystem strategy? What was Jobs’ strategy on the interrelation between hardware and software? How did Jobs’ design this interaction and interplay loop? What was his strategy? Illustrate your findings based a solid model. You may combine the essential models from the script and papers discussed and/or by your own research

Part II “Business Development” (2300 words)

  1. How innovative is Apple? Is it a strategic innovator?
  2. What is your evaluation of Steve Jobs as a leader?
  3. What are your recommendations to Apple as it continues in its new era under Tim Cook?
  4. Should Apple rethink its closed system, proprietary ecosystem approach?
  5. Is Apple off the rollercoaster that characterised its history?


Question 2

Refer back to the brand chosen for the Week 1 assignment.

Discuss each of the following questions in 175 to 350 words each:

  • How is your brand marketed in different countries? Does it use a standardized or customized approach?
  • Assess your brand’s global branding success against the Ten Commandments of Global Branding as provided in Figure 14.5 (Keller).
  • How has your brand’s marketing evolved in response to changing social, demographic, and ethical issues?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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