Global Culture and Business   

  1. Brief
    1. Read the case study and answer the questions below.

2)  Research

  • You are expected to find additional sources to contextualise your answers to the case study. The quality of your sources matters: web sources are fine but you should include peer-reviewed research for a higher grade.
    • Students are expected to support their assertions by clearly citing their sources and by referring to core course concepts. A successful project will incorporate a minimum of 15 cited sources.
    • You should use concepts discussed in class to support your responses. You are strongly encouraged to refer to the relevant parts by Steers and Osland when answering questions. Please note that I am expecting independent research for this assignment so this book will not count towards peer-reviewed sources in your bibliography. Only list it once in your bibliography even if you use multiple chapters.

3)  Referencing

  • Include a bibliography.
    • All sources must be cited in APA format.
    • You must list the case study in the bibliography and reference it in the text.
    • Just listing a large number of sources in the bibliography is not sufficient. You need to employ the materials in your essay and evidence this through in-text citations.

4)  Writing

  • Ensure that you switch on the spell-checker in English.
    • Please avoid a casual or informal style and write in an academic tone.
    • Do not write in bullet points or in incomplete sentences.

5)  Essay Presentation (mandatory)

You must follow the below formal and layout stipulations. They are part of the assessment process.

  • 2,500 words +/-10%
    • Global Culture & Business                                                                                                                                                                       E
  • Submit your essay in MS Word; no other format will be accepted.
    • Abstract, executive summary, footnotes, bibliography and appendices (if used) are not included in the word count.
    • Format your text to a minimum 1.5 line spacing. You can use double line spacing if you prefer.
    • Font size 12; choose a conventional font.
    • Include page numbers.
    • Use APA referencing.
    • Quotations of up to two lines should be assimilated inline. Quotations longer than two lines should be presented in indented single-spaced ‘block’ form in font size 10.
    • Do not exceed 15% verbatim quotations.

5a) Essay layout:

  • Title page (not included in word count; separate page)
    • Abstract/executive summary (not included in word count; separate page)
    • Table of contents (not included in word count; separate page)
    • Table of figures (only necessary if you include figures; separate page)
    • Introduction (optional)
    • Chapters (follow the chapter outline given below under 5d)
    • Conclusion (optional)
    • Bibliography / reference list (not included in word count)
    • Appendices (optional; not included in word count)

5b) The title page must contain the following information:

  • Student Name
    • Course name
    • Type of submission, e.g. essay
    • Essay Title
    • Word count

5c) Abstract / executive summary:

Your paper must have an abstract/executive summary of no more than 250 words in which you succinctly describe the main outcome(s) of each question. The abstract/executive summary is not included in the word count.

Global Culture & Business                                                                                                                                                                            Essay

5d) Your essay must have the following four chapters:

  1. Summary
  2. Cultural Values
  3. Negotiation
  4. Communication

You may give additional subtitles to each chapter keyword if you wish, e.g. Cultural Values: the mouse is in the house. There can be an introduction and/or conclusion but this is not required. Each question should be answered in the designated chapter.

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