General Principle

Your assignment is to find an article about food or nutrition in the general media and trace it back to its scientific source. Nearly every day there is an article about food, diet, cooking, bacterial outbreak,cancer or agriculture that is based upon a scientific paper. Your task has three parts;

  1. Find a suitable article in a newspaper or magazine published after June 2018
  2. Find the journal article that the newspaper piece used as a source and evaluate the two, and note the similarities and differences. How was the journal article represented? Was the newspaper article fair? Were any important points missed?
  3. Present your two papers to our class. Use Powerpoint Slides to answer questions regarding the article.

The key to this assignment is to understand your own article. You don’t need to have a total grasp of every facet of the research paper, but you should understand the following and be able to share it with the class

What was the research (Survey, lab tests, animal based)?

Who funded it? (Would you trust research funded by Mountain Dew about food coloring in soda?)

How many people/ animals were subjects of the study and how long did it last?

Are the results about a general principle, or are they a specific detail?

What would be the next logical question to arise from this research?

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