Gender Discrimination Speech

Gender Discrimination is a broad topic and is well-known one. It might apparently seem that there is nothing unknown about the fact that women are the worst victims of it. However, there is another side to it which mostly remains hidden behind the equality cries of the feminists. This is what I would like to throw light on and take an attempt to persuade the audience. Men are also victims of Gender bias and even more than that is Toxic Masculinity. This paper will further focus on the impacts of Toxic Masculinity on men and how they gradually become unnoticed victims of gender discrimination. I have found the following sources with which I will proceed.

Source 1:

Haggard, C. R., & Barton, B. (2018). Men’s Understanding of Toxic Masculinity.

Source 2:

Kimmel, M., & Wade, L. (2018). Ask a feminist: Michael Kimmel and Lisa Wade discuss toxic masculinity. Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society44(1), 233-254.

Source 3:

Parent, M. C., Gobble, T. D., & Rochlen, A. (2018). Social media behavior, toxic masculinity, and depression. Psychology of Men & Masculinity.

Source 4:

Posadas, J. (2017). Teaching the cause of rape culture: Toxic masculinity. Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion33(1), 177-179.

Source 5:

Sculos, B. W. (2017). Who’s Afraid of ‘Toxic Masculinity’?. Class, Race and Corporate Power5(3), 6.

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