Gender and Race

2-3 sentences each

Hidden Figures Questions

Answer the questions

1.  Why was the United States so determined to put a man into space before the U.S.S.R.?

2. How did Dorothy Vaughan divert the conversation with the police officer to a discussion of gender rather than race?

3. How did Mary manage to attend the white high school in Hampton?

4. How did Dorothy prepare herself for the coming changes in her department? 

5. Why is it important that we are shown Katherine’s childhood?

6. How do the following characters change during the movie?

a.  Mr. Harrison

b. Mrs. Mitchell

c. Ruth, Mr. Harrison’s secretary

d. Paul Stafford

7.  Why does Paul Stafford take the covers from Katherine’s reports?

8. How does Mr. Harrison react when Katherine tells him she must travel ½ mile to go to a restroom?

9. What does coffee represent in the movie? 

10. What does Dorothy do when she is turned away from the white section of the library?

11. How does the title relate to the theme of the movie?

12. Write a short paragraph identifying the theme you found particularly relevant in the movie. Discuss how the movie handles the theme and explain why it is so significant.

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