Future Growth

Question 1

Go to the Library and read the article “Do You Charge for Substitutions?”

A sure way to control food cost and organize menu items is to group meals.


  • If you are the owner/manager of a family-style restaurant, would you charge for substitutions? Why or why not? Explain.
  • Decide if you would charge extra for a resort guest who substitutes items.
  • Defend your decision.

Interview with a Chef Read the interview with a chef and discuss the following: Checklist:

  • What surprised you about his responses?
  • Discuss the trends and future growth of this industry with your classmates.
  • What aspect of his responses encourages you in this industry? Explain your response.
  • Would there be any drawbacks to his job in your estimation? Explain.
  • Does his workday description match what you would have expected? Explain your response.

Question 2

Discuss the role of nutrition on disease risk. In particular, discuss your own DA as it influences your health. What did you learn from your own assessments—DA and BMR for example from the readings and the links. 

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