Fund Raising Committee

Fund Raising T-Shirts

Appendix E

Our fund raising committee is going to sell T-Shirts to raise support for our school. Signature Shirts is charging us a flat $60 set up fee, and then a charge of $6.50 per shirt for the printing. 

1.  Using “ t” for t-shirts, what is the function for our T-Shirt order?

2. Using your above function, what would be the value of F(50)?

3. Using your above function, what would be the value of F(100)?

4.  We are trying to get an estimate of sales and total purchase price. What would be an appropriate domain? Range? Why did you choose those values?

5.  In the past, we have done a variety of fund raisers for our committee.  For example, we printed hats one year. The function for the cost of the hats (including the $22.50 set up fee) was

F(x) = 2.29x + 22.50 

A.  We sold 90 hats that year. How much was our total bill from Signature Shirts? (Yes, they do hats, too…)

B.  How many hats would we have sold had we paid Signature Shirts $301.88?

C. What is our slope of this function?

D. What is our y-intercept?

E. What does the slope represent?

6.  Our equation y = 2.09x + 15.50 represents our charge for hats. An estimate from a competing company, Lotsa Hats, was -2.09x + y = 13.30.

A.  Do you expect these lines to be parallel, perpendicular, or intersecting? Why?

B.  Use the equations to determine if the lines are parallel. Are they? Why or why not?

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