Fraud and Abuse

Question 1

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act:

After conducting research online, write a two-page (500-word) paper. Within the paper, include each of the following:

  1. Provide an overview of the governance, law, or standard explaining how it is intended to protect civilians.
  2. Does adhering to the governance, law, or standard include any nuisances? Does it place a hardship on users or organizations? List them.
  3. Describe an example scenario where the governance, law, or standard is violated (this can be real or fictitious).
  4. Provide your own thoughts about the effectiveness of the governance, law, or standard. Does it actually accomplish its intentions?
  5. Two references (websites, the Online Library, or books)

Apply APA style to the paper, including in-text citations, references, and the format of the pages.

The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to examine a law or standard that governs computer access and trespass.

Question 2

Examine the potential role of hypothecated taxes by identifying one type of hypothecated tax in the United Kingdom and another in a country of your choice. Critically analyze and compare the purpose, function and administration of the hypothecated taxes in both countries. As part of your analysis, you should consider whether your chosen hypothecated taxes comply with the characteristics of a desirable tax system, and how. Aim of the assignment

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