Framing Effect

Question 1

Identify a case where you fell trap to the decision-making using confirmation biases, anchoring ,overconfidence biases and Framing effect etc, and then discuss and report on alternative approaches and strategies that you could have used to minimize the likelihood they would have fallen trap to these biases ( taking decisions when working under pressure and highly dynamic and uncertain situations)

Question 2

According to Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, what are the relevant characteristics of cognitive thought of the students in the classroom?

What are some strategies that you can incorporate into your teaching that will create an environment that supports the cognitive development of your students?

Provide at least 3 references.

Question 3

Where a promisee already owes the promisor a legal duty, performing that duty should not in itself be a consideration for a new contract.

Critically discuss to what extent you agree with this statement.

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