Foundation and Theories

100 word minimum

Distance Learning Vision Statement

Our distance learning vision statement would accommodate k-12 learners. The staff and the community will help provide the necessary required materials to ensure that students at afar and near perform at their highest levels through a variety of telecommunications (Simonson, 2015).

All of the lessons for students would be planned and prepared by experienced and very knowledgeable faculty and staff members (Holder, 2019.) Successful student results will drive instruction. Where timely interventions according to data and student needs are provided. Where collaboration is organized toward targeted goals that lead to improved student performance. Learning styles refer to the concept that different people prefer to process information in various ways (Cuevas et al., 2009, p. 309). In the education world today, educators have to plan lessons for students with different learning styles whether they are in the traditional classroom setting, homebound, or through various telecommunications. As Holder stated, “ Good instruction is good instruction, and bad instruction is bad instruction.”


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