Forms of Admittance


Military  patients  entering  the Veterans Hospital  in Anchorage  have complained that it takes sixty minutes to fill out the required  forms for admittance. As a result of all the complaints, the forms and procedures  have been revised.  A recent analysis of a random  sample of nine incoming patients  reveals that the mean time to fill out forms  is now fifty  minutes  with  a standard deviation  of five minutes.  Is  there sufficient evidence at a five percent significance level to show that  the system is an improvement?  Assume the population  standard deviation  is unknown. Use the “t” procedure.

2. Dr. Thomas Brady  gave a Principles of Internal Medicine examination  and he assumed the results to be normally  distributed with a mean of 59 and  a standard deviation  of 8.  He wants  to assign an “A”  to the top five percent.  What  is the starting score for an “A”?


In your own words please comment on the following post about polygons:
Polygons are used everywhere in society. The term polygon refers to a closed figure in a plane. Polygons are used in architecture and construction. It is important to know how to classify polygons because polygons are given special names according to their number of sides. For example, a triangle has three sides, a quadrilateral has four sides, where as an octagon has 8 sides. For example when we see a stop sign we do not say hey that is a polygon, we would refer to the stop sign as a hexagon. Another traffic example would be a yield sign which is a triangle. If an architect described a room as being a polygon that contained 3 sides then an individual would be able to take measurements that would allow them to accurately find the perimeter or area of the room. An individual who chooses a career in architecture or construction would themselves using math and measurements frequently. Most architects use shapes to create designs and they must know what type of shape or polygon they are using to get correct and accurate measurements for the rest of their job. 

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