Formal Systems

Formal systems are generally defined by messages arriving from  external parties, suppliers, customers, regulatory agencies, and  financial institutions. Informal systems augment formal systems since  people generally need to engage in informal communication. Technical  systems provide the automation of part of a formal system.

Choose one of the following organizations and describe  the problems and successes they may experience. The specifications for  the organizations are as follows:

  • Organization A has an informal system and a formal system, but no technical system.
  • Organization B has a formal system and a technical system, but no informal system.
  • Organization C has only a formal system.
  • Organization D has an informal system and a technical system, but no formal system.

For the organization you chose, answer the following three questions:

  1. What problems would arise in the organization? Why do you think so?
  2. What breaches of security could occur as a  result of the missing system? Give at least two examples of security  breaches in this context.
  3. Could the organization still function successfully? Why or why not?

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